Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Chevy's Contextual Targeting Blunder

HAHA. This gave me a good laugh. I was cruising Renny Gleeson's blog and saw this post he put together about a Chevy Traverse ad showing up on a "Auto Bailout Collapses in Senate" page. This makes me laugh histerically. You can't make this stuff up. Check it out for yourself here.

Burn In Hell Bernard Madoff

No one deserves to be tortured in a public place, everyday for 6 months, more than Bernard Madoff. If you are not familiar with this dickhead piece of shit, he masterminded the greatest Ponzi scheme in Wall Street history. $50 billion worth. Read here to find out why he should die a horrible death and then be tortured for all of eternity.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Who's Got Wii Fit Fever?

Wii Fit is all the rage these days. Especially around the Holidays. Even my mom has it and is actively using it by the way. She's becoming a yoga master overnight. Actually, all the Baby Boomers are buying Wii Fit.

Nintendo has revolutionised gaming once again. Taking gaming away from the ridiculously hard games and making gaming fun again. Simple A & B. No longer do you have to spend 14 hours a day playing Halo 3 in order to be good at it. It's made gaming social which is quite fun. I mean, I come home and play Wii Bowling with my parents or Mario Kart with my lady friend. You couldn't do that with an XBOX or a Playstation 3. Even senior citizens are doing it:

Point of note: I haven't touched my XBOX 360 in over a year and a half except to watch DVD's. This coming from a guy who played hours of Halo a day. I HAVE BEEN SAVED BY NINTENDO. WIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.

My personal favorite on Wii Fit is the balance game wear soccer balls and cleats get kicked launched in your direction. The sound it makes when a cleat hits you in the face makes my dad crack up laughing. This in turn makes me crack up laughing. Meanwhile my mom continues to take cleats to the face the more we laugh. She gets frustrated and we laugh more. God I love the Holidays.

Super Bowl A No-Go For FedEx

For the first time in 12 years, FedEx will not be running an ad during the Super Bowl. The average Super Bowl ad this year is around $3 million so it's obvious why they wouldn't. I mean, do they really need to at this point? You can't walk through downtown San Francisco with out tripping over a FedEx or a FedEx Kinkos. They've become like Starbucks.

I say job well done on pulling out of the big game. I know they are using the economy as an excuse but no one remembers a FedEx ad during the Super Bowl anyway. At least I never had. More info here.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dreaming of A White Christmas

Being from Southern California I dream of having a white Christmas a my parents house. As it will never happen we have to head the mountains like Big Bear, Mammoth Mountain or any of Lake Tahoe's resorts to enjoy the fluffy splender of snow.

Hearing news like this, of snow blanketing the mountains on or around Christmas is music to my ears. I feel sorta bad for those who have to deal with snow on a daily basis but it's great for us So. Cal folks, as the ski/snowboard season official kicks into gear.

Now fo the poor saps below, I feel no sorrow for you being at the airport for three days. Get a hotel. Why don't you try and leave a day or two earlier. Every year it's the same story with people being lodged at the airport for days on end. All while us Cali folk sit back and laugh. At least I did with this clip.

Why would anyone stay at he airport for three days. Seems absurd. Then again, that's the midwest for you. If you don't like the snow, move to Arizona. Where all that will accumulate on your front lawn is roadrunner shit.

Friday, December 12, 2008

National Geographic's: Journey to the Edge of the Universe

Last night premiered the National Geographic Special: Journey to the Edge of the Universe. In case you mised it, it will be next airing Sunday December 14th at 11 am. Be sure to record or watch it because it is worth your while.

What you are looking (above) at is a picture of a black hole swallowing a star. I must say it was a fascinating show with mindblowing visuals and head scratching content. It's very hard to imagine such things are out there. Our galaxy is massive and to think there are billions of galaxies out there sort of makes your head hurt.

My favorite line from the show was, "Scientists in the 70's sent a message to a cluster of stars called the 'Seven Sisters' with a road-map of how to find our solar system. The message also contained explanations for out human DNA hear on Earth. But the 'Seven Sisters' are so far from Earth, it will take 25,000 years for the message to reach them." Well done NASA.

This is the best job ever. Sending messages to planets that will be received 25,000 years from now. Can never fail really. No measurement of success or failure.

Here are some fun facts about our solar system you can use to impress your friends:
  • Venus, the goddess of love, is the solar system's brightest planet.
  • Although similar in size and gravity as Earth, Venus' atmosphere is full of deadly sulphuric acid.
  • Covered with a thin veneer of rock, Mercury is a huge ball or iron and has a powerful gravitational pull for its size.
  • The strongest magnet known in the universe is a magnetar, a rare type of neutron star. To date, there have only been about ten discoveries of a magnetar.
  • The sun is so far away that if it burned out we wouldn't know about it for eight minutes.
  • The red planet, Mars, has no ozone layer and has nothing to protect against the sun's ultra-violet rays. This makes it unlivable for humans.
  • By dating the meteorites found on Earth, we can tell the planets were born 4.6 billion years ago.
  • Jupiter is spinning at an incredible rate, whipping up winds to hundreds of miles an hour.
  • Saturn is a giant ball of gas; so light it would float on water.

Be sure to check out the show. You will thank me.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two-Footed: I'm Back

After some life changes there will be some changes to the blog. Look for those updates in the coming days as well as new posts to follow. Stay tuned. Oh and by the way, Jon Branch @ Culture Catalyst wears women's undies while at work!